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Goalkeeper of Triestina Team and of the national team, Italian champion in 1962, 1963, 1964, 1967.

Since 1964 he has been part of the National team in the World and European Championships, Latin Cup and other International Tournaments (66 appearances).

In 1964 he was part of the “Rest of the World” team in a match with Spain. He helped modernize the game of hockey by making some changes to the goalkeeper’s technique with a more composed and precise parry and a lower, more closed setting, which forced him to refine the protective equipment.
He also first adopted the mask which would later become mandatory. These innovations have forced the International Federation to modify the size of the goal to restore the frequency of goals and consequently improve the show. He has participated: in 3 World Championships, in 1964 in Barcelona, ​​66 in S. Paolo of Brazil, in 1968 in Portugal, in 4 European Championships in 1963 in Portugal, in 1965 in Lisbon, in 1967 in Bilbao, in 1971 in Lisbon.

After the glorious years of this sporting discipline in Trieste, Enzo continued to practice this sport to support his favorite team, the Triestina, heir to the historic Unione Sportiva Triestina, a sports club that, in addition to football, included swimming and wheeling specialties and who had collected nineteen league titles in roller hockey. After a period of total crisis in the Trieste rink hockey, in 2010 Enzo found the opportunity to propose a team made up of athletes from Trieste in the national “Serie B” championship, but without achieving any positive results, while in the “over 50” category he continues to practice this sport with a group of veterans, which achieves notable successes in European amateur tournaments.

So, to revive the exciting discipline, with friends of the past he founded the Evergreen Hockey Trieste Amateur Sports Association.